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Tax & Legal Training

Why study with us?

  • To satisfy our clients’ needs, we are constantly expanding our offer by new and current topics
  • Our tutors are selected for their talent for teaching and practical professional tax experience
  • Comprehensive study materials developed by PwC and full support from the tutors are a matter of course
  • If you have more people to train or specific industry or business needs, you can book an in-house training

Direct and Indirect Tax Academy

A session of 14 short courses dedicated to specialists that want to accumulate practical knowledge in the field of direct and indirect taxes: VAT, customs duties and international trade, etc.

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Compensantion and benefits

A course design for HR professionals to become pro-active and inventive in creating payroll programs, produce viable employment and retention offers (centered on employee recognition and professional development) based on the (distinctive) values of the employer, and identify competitive differentiation factors.

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New dates to be confirmed

VAT Basics - Online course

Based on the classroom training, the VAT Basics - online course is addressed for fiscal environment specialists in Romania, no matter where are they located.

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New dates to be confirmed

Multilateral Instrument Seminar

Did you know that there will be implemented a Multilateral Instrument (MLI) global wide that will also impact shortly Romania and tax treaties of prevention for double taxation?
The seminar will include a discussion on the topic where you can ask questions and exchange information with our specialists, gaining from their expertise.

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New dates to be confirmed

Finance for non finance

The objectives of the course are to raise the level of financial awareness of participants and enable them to use the information provided to make better, strategic, short-term or long-term decisions in managing their businesses. 

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New dates to be confirmed

Introduction to competition rules and how they affect your business 

Packed with practical examples, this workshop addresses the main rules and risks when it comes to competition: cartel type agreements, agreements between producers and distributors, exchanging sensitive information, communication within professional associations, sensitive contractual clauses, abuse of dominant positions.

Find out how leniency and recognition of guilt work and many other practical tips in our interactive workshop. 

This course addresses people in key areas of the organisation:
* Legal Department (creating awareness over risks and how to keep an eye on competition rules)
* Senior Management positions (due to higher exposure and decision impact)
* Sales departments (professional associations or networking associated risks, etc.)
* Procurement (public tender key info – risks)


New dates to be confirmed

Masterclass IFRS for nonbanking financial institutions

Main subjects: IFRS 9 Financial Instruments, IFRS 16 Leasing contracts, IAS 12 Deffered taxes, as well as IFRS standard etc. 

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20 January 2020

Crisis management in competition cases 

Did you know that competition fines can be as high as 10% of total turnover? Or that the Competition Council could trigger the liability of the parent company for the misconduct of a local subsidiary?

What are your rights and obligations and what are the Authority's limits (legal priviledge, fishing expeditions, private documents & pictures, etc.) during unannounced inspections by the Competition Authority?

Among the topics of this course:
* Red flags
* Do’s & Don’ts
* Guidance & practical tips for dawn raids (unannounced inspections) and forensic inspections

New dates to be confirmed

Changes to Labour Law

The emphasis of this training will be on practical aspects of keeping records of working time, employers' obligations in the context of transnational detachments, wage calculation and tax treatment as well as social contributions applicable to the benefits of the nature of wages.

The course also includes discussions on national changes and trends at European level and practical implications for wage decisions.

6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

VAT Basics

Practical case studies are used in this course to provide an overview of basic VAT principles in compliance with the relevant Directive and the Fiscal Code.

It examines the treatment of value added tax in various cases and teaches the general principles, the operations and entities subject to VAT payment, the tax base and rates, exemptions, deductibility right and VAT adjustment, obligation to register for VAT purposes, billing, reporting and payment of the tax.

Join the training to gain insight into the risks and opportunities associated with the implementation of VAT rules.

Click here for the detailed description in Romanian.

6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

Public procurement legal framework

The course aims at clarifying debatable aspects of public procurement regulatory framework through interpretative methods which rely on the most recent EU and national public procurement case law.

The course has a practical approach, and it is addressed to professionals of both the private and the public sectors who seek a more in depth approach to daily procurement matters, as well as with particular cases which are not addressed in a straightforward manner by national legislation.

In order for the course not to be yet another opportunity to express general thoughts on procurement issues, our approach is very targeted towards the actual needs of the focus group, and once the group will be defined, the exact results out of the course will be established at individual level as well. We will make sure to touch all the interest areas of the professionals attending the class.

Click here for the detailed description into Romanian.

New dates to be confirmed

VAT and Customs impact of the international trade with goods

The course covers the VAT and customs implications of supplies of goods involving the dispatch of goods between Romania and EU/non-EU countries, with a special focus on chain transactions.

Click here for the detailed description in Romanian.

6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

Transfer Pricing 

The course provides an overview of the transfer pricing legislative framework, documentation files and issues that may arise during tax inspections. 

Summary of the legislative framework and key concepts such as the arm’s length principle, affiliated parties, methods of establishing TP supported by case studies.


6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

Operational or Financial Leasing? 

  • Buy back agreement – essential element in qualifying the type of leasing
  • Financing or lease? Form or substance?

The course addresses issues that even the best Legal departments can miss, simply because they require 3 different perspectives: tax, accounting and legal. Bringing them all together is the trick. 

How will this new understanding make a difference?

It will contribute to the quality of your decision making process, by reducing the legal and financial risks as well as by exercising a broader, more strategic mindset among your Finance & Tax people.

6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

Accounting for Tax 

The course offers insights on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) versus Minister of Finance Orders (OMF) as well as an overview of tax accounting for both current and deferred profit tax.

The course aims to provide participants with knowledge of basic accounting principles, terminology and concepts.


6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

All about excise duties

Excise duties are due for certain categories of products, like electricity and energy products, alcoholic and tobacco products. Being considered sensitive goods, but also classified as high-risk products, it is important to know all legal requirements to be observed in order to avoid negative consequences.

We have developed a practical training regarding excise duties, including authorisation requirements, documentary requirements, reporting obligations, but also the opportunities that can be spotted in situations when the excise duties are not.

During the seminar, you will be able to find out this information, but also to address specific questions related to excise duties aspects. 


6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

The AEO concept represents the future of international trade throughout Europe and the recognition across the EU that a company is a reliable trading partner and for customs authorities as well.
The AEO authorization provides customs benefits (e.g. customs simplifications, fewer physical controls, priority treatment, etc.), as well as fiscal benefits specifically for Romania (e.g. non-payment of the VAT in customs upon importation, waiver of guarantee for certain customs operations).

We have developed a practical training regarding AEO authoriszation, the main steps to be taken during the authorisation process and the key aspects that should be analysed and taken into consideration when preparing for the customs audit.
During the seminar, you will be able to find out this information, but also to address specific questions related to AEO or any other customs aspect.


6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

Tax Audits

The seminar covers the most recent topics of interest for the tax authorities during tax audits, from both a direct and an indirect tax perspective and some best practices on how to handle tax audits from a Fiscal Procedure Code. 


New Dates to be Confirmed

VAT Reporting

The seminar covers how to correctly report on VAT need to know about invoices / self-invoices and supporting documents, correlations regarding VAT tax returns, challenges and practicalities in completing VAT returns, risks of misconduct.

Click here for the detailed description in Romanian

6 CPD hours
New Dates To Be confirmed 

Dividends and equity items

This course addresses both the legal framework related to dividends and equity items, as well as the in depth practical issues that we have encountered in our experience in this area.

In order to allow for a full understanding of the subject matters, the workshop will take a view from three relevant perspectives: tax, legal and accounting.

Among others, this course will address:

  • Discussions over the share capital of a Romanian company. What are the legal requirements? How can the share capital be modified?
  • Equity items – what type of equity items exist and what is the difference between them? (various types of premiums and reserves)
  • Dividends – What are the legal conditions and tax implications for the distribution of dividends? When, What and How can they be distributed?

Click here for the detailed description in Romanian.

4 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

Individual Income Tax 

This course examines the main topics of individual income taxation relevant when assessing the tax treatment of income.

It begins with an introduction to the general principles of individual income taxation in Romania, explaining them by using the local legislation, showing how this tax is calculated for different types of income.

This course is dedicated to understanding the legal principles, the social security contributions for different categories of income for both local and cross border employees.

6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

Custom Duties & International Trade

The course is aimed at making attendees aware of the customs duties and procedures that need to be followed when trading goods and services cross border. During the session the customs treatment for both Community and non-Community goods will be analysed, in compliance with European Union requirements transposed into the national legislation.

This course outlines the main rules governing international trade in goods and services, what businesses should do to comply and how they can reduce their exposure.Theory is combined with practical examples and case studies in order to help participants understand and apply properly the legal provisions and rules.


6 CPD hours
New dates to be confirmed

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