Tax and Legal Services

Tax can be a complex matter. But our Tax team specialises in finding clarity in complexity. Whatever the size of the business, our people are on hand to tackle even the most challenging problems. We’re at ease talking with our clients about any tax-related issues they may face and we always find the best options to solve them.

Our team of legal advisors works alongside our consultants to come up with commercial solutions and help clients overcome challenging matters.

are provided to clients by D&B David si Baias, PwC correspondent, but fully independent, law firm. 

EU Direct Tax Group

The EU Direct Tax Group (EUDTG) is one of PwC’s Thought Leadership Initiatives and is embedded in the International Tax Services Network. The EUDTG is a pan-European network of EU tax law experts and providing assistance to organizations, companies and private persons by helping them fully benefit from their rights under EU law.