Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002 Training

To enhance your teams knowledge of SOX through general courses and frequent updates on relevant SOX developments


Who might be needing this training?

Companies adhering to SOX due to regulatory listings on a US stock exchange or who are in the process of implementing SOX within their organization and need to enhance their fundamental knowledge of the topic.  For a Company transitioning to SOX, all members of the accounting and finance organization, and perhaps even beyond, will be impacted through involvement in the execution and internal assessment of SOX controls.  In addition, we see a trend that may result in more countries beyond just the United States requiring some sort of controls framework in organizations.Typically, this framework is based on the 17 Principles of the COSO Framework.

Why SOX training?

Our training program is designed to provide your organization with the skills and foundational knowledge to understand and support SOX compliance.  It is addressed to professionals in risk and compliance management, control operators, and those individuals internal to your organization who test and monitor the effectiveness of your Company’s SOX controls. 

Joining this training program will provide you with the opportunity to interact with PwC’s experts within the CEE region who have spent the majority of their careers working on SOX compliance.

SOX Training
SOX Training Academia PwC
SOX Training Academia PwC

In order to enhance your team’s understanding of Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, we invite you to deep dive into one of our offerings indicated below based on the target audience of your choice.

How to do it? 

We have developed a flexible and tailored approach to teaching SOX to your organization through our stand-alone modules indicated below.  You are in control of choosing the option which best suits your needs and that fits the various members of your organization depending on their skills and existing knowledge..

The basic and advanced modules will have approximately 4 hours in length, while the leadership module will have ninety minutes of concentrated content. 

Sessions will be conducted full live online.

SOX Basic
is for new joiners to your organization or staff that are brand new to involvement in SOX-related activities
What is SOX and what are its objectives?
What is a control and what are control operations
Control testing and assessments

4 Hours

SOX Basic

SOX Advanced
is for control operators or internal audit/control testers within an organization that have > 2 years of experience.  

SOX compliance life cycle
IT dependencies
Deficiency evaluation

4 Hours

SOX Advanced

SOX Leadership
is for SOX Leadership - Management and others who are responsible for compliance with SOX
Key sections of the Serbanes - Oxley Act of 2002
SEC and PCAOB focus on ICFR
SOX emerging technology

90 Minutes

SOX Leadership

Our trainers:

  • Director at PwC in Central & Eastern Europe with extensive US, SEC, PCAOB and listed client experience.
  • Robert spent the first 8 years of his career at PwC in the USA, where he is originally from, working on several large multinational US-listed public companies.  His background includes a further 6 years within Central and Eastern Europe, working with our SEC and US-listed company portfolio in the US and Europe, with most of his experience gained serving clients in the technology, retail & consumer and industrial products sectors, in particular clients who are publicly traded on US and UK exchanges and are under requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Robert’s background over the last 13 years is working with our SEC client portfolio in the US and Europe, with most of his experience gained serving clients in the technology, retail & consumer and industrial products sectors, in particular clients in the US, UK and Slovakia who are also under requirements of Sarbanes Oxley.
  • Robert is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Pennsylvania.
  • Senior Manager at PwC in CEE with extensive experience on SOX projects
  • Georgiana’s background over the last 12 years is working with large US listed Groups, design of internal controls and operational effectiveness testing post implementation, trainings and workshops which were organised for the transition to SOX
  • Together with international teams, worked on projects that activate in various industries and covered areas such as business process reviews, compliance audits, health check audits and internal controls framework review

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