Environmental, Social and Governance

Understanding risks and opportunities

Working towards a sustainable tomorrow

ESG isn’t about ticking a box. It’s about making a difference - for the world and for your business. It’s about creating sustained outcomes for environmental and societal good. And governing your business responsibly and inclusively to build long term resilience. PwC's passionate community of solvers is ready to put in the work with you - environmentalists, sociologists, economists, strategists, technologists. We are here to help you turn business as usual into new ways of thinking and doing. Building trust today to secure a sustainable future.

ESG Strategy

A strategy led action plan

Business cannot continue to overlook the consequences of climate change in the pursuit of profit, or ignore the social impact of their practices. It's time to take action. To turn aspiration into a blueprint for success.  Creating impact through ESG means putting a tangible, practical plan in place. It should touch every part of every business - from investment to sustainable innovation. You need to sound a clear call-to-action for your entire organisation to follow. And you need to bring your best people and smartest technology together so your business can see more, go deeper and act swiftly. Ready to take on the biggest challenges, with the ability to flex your priorities. Staying ahead of vulnerabilities whilst creating new opportunities to shift the expected.

How can you take action on ESG?

Often heard in today’s boardrooms and C-suites and their virtual equivalents: a mixture of anxiety and enthusiasm about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. “What risks are we sitting on?” leaders (and investors) are asking, as pressure for ESG disclosures mount. “How do we measure and manage them when there are no common standards? Where should we focus, when the list of potential issues is a mile long?” And, critically—which is where the enthusiasm comes in—“As we take a hard look at our business, what opportunities can we identify to solve big problems and create value in new ways?” The answers to these questions are interrelated, as are the initiatives those answers will motivate: reimagined reporting, strategic reinvention, and, ultimately, wholesale business transformation.

Not only are these dimensions interdependent, but each of them can create momentum that helps fuel the others. In industries as varied as oil and gas, consumer goods, telecommunications, manufacturing, and hospitality and other services, companies are striving to build trust among, and deliver sustained outcomes to, their stakeholders. 

Reimagined reportingTranslates ESG aspirations — What must we do? What should we do? What could we do?— into a blueprint for where and how to competeDrives ESG strategy and reporting into the heart of the business, often informing and extending ongoing digital transformationEnables the measurement and management of ESG factors such as carbon emissions, workforce diversity, and supply chain sustainabilitySource: PwC analysis

Enables the measurement and management of ESG factors.

Translates ESG aspirations into a blueprint for where and how to compete.

Drives ESG strategy and reporting into the heart of the business.

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Sustainability in Financial Services

Sustainability is a subject rising on the agenda of the financial services sector. Clients ask for it, legislation requires it. Moreover, society calls upon the financial services sector to contribute to a sustainable future. Banks, insurance companies, asset managers and other market players are seen as a crucial factor to finance and realise the transformation to a sustainable economy.

Together, we can create sustainable change in financial services.

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Beyond compliance: Consumers and employees want business to do more on ESG

How business can close the expectations gap

Look around you. Evidence that businesses are responding to heightened interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is everywhere. Whether that’s eco-packaging, diversity commitments or the expanding number of companies targeting net-zero emissions. Is it enough? Is it too much all at once to be credible? No. Consumers want to see business play an even bigger role in accelerating progress on ESG concerns. Indeed, more than three quarters say they’ll reward companies for doing so, according to our 2021 Consumer Intelligence Series survey on ESG. We polled consumers, employees and executives in March and April 2021 and found that consumers and employees want business to proactively shape ESG best practices, not just react and adjust. 


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