Public Sector / Government

We have been working on complex projects for the public sector, locally, nationally and internationally and we are actively involved in consultations for improving the public sector legislation and practices. One of our aims is to further clarify public projects, to have a solid insight into stakeholders’ needs and to find optimal solutions to suit both the public and the private interests.

We provide effective contributions to the debate on a wide range of public service issues. Our teams of consultants can deliver innovative approaches and new solutions in this field.

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Ionuț Simion

Country Managing Partner, Romania

Tel: +40 21 225 3708

Daniel Anghel

Tax and Legal Services Leader, Romania

Tel: +40 21 225.3794

Monica Biota

Partner, Assurance Services, Romania

Tel: +40 21 225.3881

Bogdan Belciu

Partner, Advisory Services

Tel: +40 21 225.3566

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