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Our vision is to help you increase the adaptability of your people and educate future leaders who will embrace a dynamic business environment with skill and confidence; those you need to succeed in the global marketplace.

We are in a time when it is important to pay attention to our habits and to make sure we take decisions that will not endanger our health.

Our trainers have adapted our training programmes for online delivery (when and if the case) so that, irrespective of the learning environment, participants can still have engaging and meaningful learning journeys that are meaningful.

Our PwC's Academy is digital active and can answer any concerns or questions you may have. 

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Denisa Panaite Casu

PwC's Academy Manager, PwC Romania

Tel: +40 720 028 359

Ana M. Marin

PwC's Academy Communication, PwC Romania

Tel: +40 738 886 404

Nela Unal

Senior Client Relationship, PwC Romania

Tel: +40 720 028 270

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