Retail & Consumer

Challenges for retail and consumer product (R&C) companies are many in today's business environment as a confluence of market forces have created an extremely challenging climate. R&C sector companies are constrained in their ability to grow and maintain profit margins as a result of a deflationary operating environment, market saturation, slowing population growth, and more discerning but less loyal consumers. In addition, there are the immediate concerns of growing competitive pressures, an increase in the number of alternative sales channels, a blurring of roles between suppliers and retailers, and — particularly for consumer product manufacturers — a shift in the balance of power to the retailers.

The R&C sectors are situated at the crucial interface between business and the consumer – and at the heart of the fast-developing e-technology world. The new technologies are impacting the whole range of our industry's activities, from the sourcing of raw materials through to use in the consumer's home; to take a food industry analogy – from farm to fridge.

How PwC can help you?

For R&C companies throughout the Romania and across the globe, PwC offers a strong and reliable network of dedicated industry experts. Our mission is to help clients extract value from their multinational operations, to develop a competitive advantage across the value chain, and to ensure that all corporate stakeholder expectations are recognised and met. Building brand trust, brand growth, and brand effectiveness is the purpose of our practice.

We have worked on management and operation of several investments projects in this sector, including preparation of business plans, due diligence and financial structuring of projects, fund management, preparation of recommendations for investment, managing the product portfolio and valuations for companies in the retail & consumer sector in Romania.