Industrial Products

The Industrial Products sector is large and diverse, but most sector players face similar challenges. Increased costs for oil, natural gas, steel, copper and plastics are squeezing margins, unless offset by pricing and surcharge increases.

Large falls in new orders from downstream customers as a result of weak consumer spending are having a major impact on manufacturers, who have cut back production and are instead running down inventories. Exports have also weakened.

Companies need to look internally at their production techniques and how they can be improved and made more cost efficient in the long term, as well as reinvesting in technology and innovation, together with lean manufacturing and supply chain initiatives to improve productivity for the next decade.

How PwC can help you?

For the industrial products companies, PwC Romania offers a strong and reliable team of dedicated industry experts.

Our mission is to help clients extract value from their multinational operations, to develop a competitive advantage across the value chain, and to ensure that all corporate stakeholder expectations are recognised and met. Improving production techniques and identifying greater efficiencies in areas such as waste minimisation, production processes and the use of capital is the focus of our practice.