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Forensic Services

Investigate. Analyse. Resolve.

A crisis can shake a business to the core. It could be a corruption scandal that spreads across an entire nation, a data breach that undermines customer confidence, a dispute with a business partner that threatens to erode value or a recently uncovered widespread fraud. Each client faces a different challenge and, with the business landscape becoming more complex than ever before, we help you prepare, respond and emerge stronger in the face of a crisis.

Our services

The investigation of fraud, corruption and other economic crimes, particularly where the integrity of senior management is called into question, requires a thorough, professional and independent approach.

You, your stakeholders and, possibly, regulators require the reassurance of an effective response, should an issue arise posing regulatory, financial or reputational risk.

Our team of trained investigators includes forensic accountants, lawyers, former regulators, former law enforcement agents, forensic technology and corporate intelligence experts.

We can help you with:  
  • Fact finding and assistance in regulatory investigations, including:
    • analysis and critique of expert reports during regulatory investigations;

    • expert opinions related to the matters investigated.

  • Investigations of suspicions or allegations regarding various breaches and economic crimes.
  • Investigation of losses due to fraud.
  • Assistance with AML / KYC / Sanctions-related investigations.
  • Contracts compliance-related investigations.
  • Insurance claims-related investigations.
  • Law and regulations compliance related investigations (FCPA, UK Bribery, AML law etc.).
  • Assistance with internal investigations (planning and execution of investigations).
  • Insolvency-related investigations based on the Romanian Insolvency Procedure.
  • Procurement health check: identification of procurement fraud indicators.

For many years, we have been working with clients to establish the facts, analysing the issues and advising on dispute resolution strategies in a wide variety of scenarios involving transactions, shareholders, contracts, privatisation, Bilateral Investment Treaties, construction, and regulatory-related disputes. We work on a wide range of disputes, including litigation, local and international arbitration, mediation, expert determination and regulatory matters.

When disputes arise, we work with you and your legal counsel throughout the process and provide advice on the financial, commercial and practical issues at stake. Our specialist team advises on the financial, economic and valuation aspects of claims, assists clients through the dispute resolution process and provides independent expert testimony.

Whether you are already in or are contemplating a dispute, we work with you to plan the best response and deal with it effectively. If a dispute goes to trial, we can help you every step of the way.

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We can help you with:  
  • Expert opinions / reports in the context of litigation, local and international arbitration, and regulatory investigations.
  • Analyse and critique counter claims and expert reports.
  • Expert testimony in local, international and arbitration courts.
  • Economic advice and support to lawyers, corporations, individuals involved in regulatory investigations.
  • Damage, claims and losses assessment and quantification.

Financial Crime is an increasing concern for all financial institutions and for reporting non-financial institutions, from the largest global organisations to the smallest companies and partnerships. Preventing and detecting Financial Crime is rapidly evolving to be one of their biggest challenges, with an impact extending well beyond monetary losses to reputation and brand, employee morale, business relations and regulatory censure.

PwC works with its clients to provide innovative and advanced solutions for responding to Financial Crime incidents, remediating past deficiencies, developing enhanced operating models and optimising transaction monitoring systems.

We can help you with:  
  • Assessment and identification of key AML risks.
  • AML compliance training programmes.
  • Review of existing AML processes and design of internal controls.
  • Assistance in the design and implementation of AML and KYC policies, controls and systems.
  • Assessment of AML and KYC policies and controls, by reference to the law and better practices.
  • Financial Crimes Technology tools: Sanctions Testing, x-Risk Assessment, AML Scenario Optimisation and DART.

You need information on the financial, regulatory and reputational status of third parties you have, or intend to have, business relationships with.

Business partner checks are required by most regulatory standards, including:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley


  • UK Bribery Act


  • Anti-Money Laundering laws

You need to manage regulatory and reputational risks, pursue strategic opportunities with greater confidence and enforce legal claims.

We can help you with:  
  • Background searches on individuals and companies in Romania and abroad
  • Fraud Assessment and Intelligence Tool (FAIT): automated screening of companies using publicly available data
  • Assistance in assets tracing and recovery
  • Pre-deal integrity due diligence
  • Assistance in design and implementation of policies and controls to check business partners (clients, suppliers etc.)
  • Competitor and market intelligence

Are you concerned about the fraud risks your organisation faces and feel that such issues could be addressed more effectively?

Organisations are best protected from the damage of fraud if they fully understand the risks they face, where they are most vulnerable and their ability to respond to fraud, should it happen. Our aim is to provide you with a clear view of your organisation’s exposure and vastly improve your protection level.

We can help you with:  
  • Assessment of an organisation’s fraud, corruption and other economic crime risks as part of risk management.
  • Review, design and implementation of anti-fraud programmes.
  • Assessment of anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies and controls.
  • Assistance in implementing ISO 37001 and during the certification process.
  • Review of fraud risk management processes and whether the internal controls cover fraud risks effectively.
  • Fraud and corruption awareness and training programmes.
  • Review of the adequacy of specific project governance and documentation, such as construction projects.

At PwC, we thrive on solving complex eDiscovery problems: we offer a powerful global network to help you find the truth behind technology.

With over 90% of all business records now created and stored electronically, the recovery and analysis of electronic data is an essential element in investigations and dispute resolution.

PwC brings a highly professional, collaborative approach to our clients' electronic document management needs. Using our cutting-edge proprietary tools and state-of-the-art, secure forensic laboratories worldwide, we can find, retrieve, preserve, analyse and process vast amounts of electronic information in a legally robust and efficient manner when you need to:

  • preserve evidence from various data sources, such as computers, servers, cloud, backup tapes or mobile devices;

  • identify password protected, encrypted, hidden or deleted documents, without damaging or altering the data or taking the organisation’s servers out of action;

  • search and review a large volume of emails and other documents;

  • identify relevant evidence via tracing of transactions or patterns hidden within huge volumes of data;

  • backtrace the occurrence of a cyber incident and recover affected data.

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At PwC, we thrive on solving complex eDiscovery problems: we offer a powerful global network to help you find the truth behind technology.
We can help you with:  
  • Computer Forensics (data capture, analysis of forensically collected images).
  • E-Discovery / Managed Document Review.
  • Forensic Data Analytics.
  • Cyber breach and Incident Response.

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