Disputes Assistance

Our experienced team specialises in investigating and analysing financial issues in all kinds of disputes

Are you involved in litigation or arbitration proceedings? Are you struggling with calculating damages? Do you find the other party’s claim exaggerated? Do you need an expert witness on economics to support you in an ongoing litigation? Do you need to review all relevant documents, perform a valuation and be provided with one final figure?

We are helping clients with:

  • Accounting and valuation expert reports: quantification of claims and/or critique of counterclaims in the context of arbitration, litigation, or regulatory investigations
  • Witness services in arbitration or other courts: presentation and cross examination in relation to the expert reports drafted and submitted to the courts
  • Assessment of losses resulted from business disruptions, contacts breaches and various incidents. The potential losses could include: various costs, loss of profits, unrecovered investments, etc
  • Assessment of insurance claims
  • Assessment of SPA related topics claims