Financial Crime

Providing full comfort for being always compliant with financial crime regulations through efficient operations.

Financial institutions need to comply with the anti- money laundering legislation. Similar requirements exist for other types of companies that are listed in the legislation (ex. gambling, services, real estate, etc).

In this context, the companies design and implement controls and systems to ensure compliance with such regulations (ex. know your customers checks, transactions monitoring, sanctions screening, etc) and they ask our assistance with regular checks of the adequacy and effectiveness of such controls and systems.

Such checks are also performed as part of due diligence conducted in the context of a merger or acquisition.

Our services

We are helping clients:

  • With AML, KYC, Sanctions compliance reviews and identify potential gaps between bank policy/procedures and legislation/regulations
  • To assess, implement or optimize anti-money laundering systems (ex. AML, KYC, Transactions Monitoring, Sanctions)
  • Customer Due Diligence: CDD Procedures, Customer risk scoring, Ongoing due diligence, Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Process improvement recommendations on KYC, risk assessment, internal controls environment
  • With training on financial crime compliance and risks related topics
  • With Sanctions testing App


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Financial Crime

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