Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Digital Identity

The PwC Cyber Security Team in Romania relies on experts with many years of experience in the role of head of IT security or key specialists in Romania as well as experienced security auditors who have carried out a large number of consulting or assurance projects in the field of security as well as implemented security solutions.

We work closely with our CEE teams in Poland, Czech and Russia, while globally we rely on one of the largest practices of security in the world, employing over 3,500 highly qualified professionals in the field of information security, with over 1,200 in Europe.

We view cyber security through a series of interconnected lenses. This rounded approach is designed to provide you with confidence: in your people, technology and connections, how you manage risk, set priorities and respond to an incident or during a crisis.

Our capabilities are focused on the Cyber Security domains included in the PwC Cyber Security framework. Each domain is comprised of capabilities that are used in the way we deliver our assignments.

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64% of global CEOs think that emerging technologies will be sources of disruption and uncertainty for their businesses over the next five years

PwC, 21st Annual Global CEO Survey

Industry and sector aligned solutions

Strategy, governance, and management

Strategy through execution


Rethink risk and compliance to drive strategy, capabilities and performance:

  • Security strategy and roadmap
  • Governance and organizational effectiveness

  • Organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities 

  • Human capital management

  • Program management and performance metrics

  • Culture and awareness 

  • Policy, standards, and guidance

  • Financial and knowledge management

  • Enterprise change management integration

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Threat, intelligence & vulnerability management

Address threats and weaknesses

Anticipate changes in the risk landscape through situational awareness of the internal and external factors impacting the business ecosystem:

  • Strategic threat and adversary evaluation

  • Threat modelling and impact evaluation

  • Public-private information sharing

  • Threat intelligence collection and analysis

  • Insider threat management

  • Threat detection 

  • Security information and event monitoring

  • Logging, monitoring, analysis, and detection

  • Vulnerability identification and evaluation

  • Vulnerability management

Security architecture and services

Security by design

Create sustainable security solutions to provide foundational capabilities and operational discipline:

  • Enterprise security architecture

  • Reference security solution architectures

  • Security development lifecycle

  • Configuration management

  • Services catalogue and portfolio management

  • Security solution blueprint and integration services

  • Solution consulting and advisory services

Emerging trends and innovation

Adapt to the future

Assess risk of the new technology adoption and dynamically changing business models:

  • Threat landscape

  • Industry and sector trends

  • Business model changes

  • Global and emerging markets risk

  • Governmental and industry regulations

  • Emerging and disruptive technology

  • Security and control solution innovation

Information and privacy protection

Safeguard critical assets

Identify, prioritize, and protect sensitive or high-value business assets:

  • Information asset inventory, classification, and management

  • Critical asset (crown jewels) identification and prioritization

  • Information and asset lifecycle management

  • Data protection technologies and methods

  • Notice, choice, and consent

Risk and compliance management

Manage risk and regulations

Efficiently and effectively identify, evaluate, and manage risk to the evolving regulatory requirements:

  • Security risk management and reporting

  • Enterprise risk management and governance, risk, and compliance integration

  • External/internal compliance management and reporting

  • Operational/ organizational resilience integration (including business continuity and disaster recovery)

  • Third-party and vendor risk management

  • Information risk management

Incident and crisis management

Anticipate and respond to security crises

Plan, detect, investigate, and react timely and thoroughly to security incidents, breaches and compromises:

  • Enterprise crisis management integration

  • Incident and breach preparedness, identification, triage, containment, and response

  • Forensic analysis and investigations

  • Countermeasure design and deployment

  • Remediation planning and prioritization

  • Reporting, notification, and disclosure management

Identity and access management

Enable secure access

Provide integrated and secure processes, services, and infrastructure to enable appropriate controls over access to critical systems and assets:

  • Identity and access strategy and governance

  • User account management and provisioning

  • Certification and access reporting

  • Privileged access management

  • Single sign-on and federation (federation and integration)

  • Adaptive authentication 

  • Identity attributes, stores, and services

  • Identity behaviour baselining and monitoring

Global Digital Trust Insights Survey 2021

The survey reflects the views of over 3,200 business and IT leaders globally and focuses on a variety of topics including cybersecurity strategy and leadership, budget, resilience, the threat landscape, and team development.  

A few key findings to highlight: 

  • 50% say that they bake cybersecurity and privacy into every business decision.

  • 31% say that their primary aspiration for business transformation initiatives is to modernize their organization with new capabilities.

  • 55% surveyed lack confidence that their cyber spending is allocated towards the most significant risks to the organization.

  • 51% of businesses are making plans to increase their cybersecurity headcount in the next 12 months.

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