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Identity access management overview

Identity and access management (IAM) is the (security) discipline that enables the right individuals to access to the right resources at the right time, in the right way for the right reasons and being able to report on that access. It comprises solutions involving people, process as well as technology. 

The need to ensure appropriate access to resources across increasingly complex technology environments is paramount to ensuring a secure environment, in addition to meeting increasingly rigorous compliance requirements.

The need to empower end-users with control over their data in an intuitive and secure way, while protecting their privacy is one of the core challenges in the coming years.

Identity access management

Benefits of an IAM solution

Managing risk and enabling compliance

  • Comply with regulatory and industry requirements for managing access
  • Enhance IAM business technology and processes to resolve audit findings
  • Establish preventative and detective controls 
  • Develop identity lifecycle management policies, processes, tools, and training 
  • Improve confidentiality, integrity, and availability of user identity and access data 

Managing cost and operational efficiency

  • Improve end user productivity via scalable IAM processes and technology
  • Streamline IAM services through centralized technology
  • Improve decision making through centralized reporting of user access

Enabling the business

  • Promote automation and manage reliance on manual, error-prone access requests

Risks of not having an IAM solution

  • Lack of process optimization & automation which in turn causes use of extensive manual processes and effort

  • Lack of Access Governance Automation

  • Excessive and inappropriate user access permissions to critical applications

  • Lack of reviewed access which introduces the risk of inappropriate access

  • Financial, reputational, brand value, and customer confidence loss

Our service offerings

Consulting & Strategy
  • Rationalization of tools and Standardization of Process

  • Review and identify the gaps in process

  • Recommend the Road Map strategy

Engineering & Innovation
  • Automation

  • Customization

  • Enhancement

  • Integrations

  • Testing

  • Efficiency Improvement

  • Optimization of your team

  • IAM process improvements

Privileged access management overview

Privileged access management (PAM) is an important aspect of information security that helps an organization to mitigate the risks posed by insider threats and threats that exploit insider privileges. Its implementation can result in preventing data breaches and meeting compliance requirements.

Privileged access management

Benefits of an PAM solution

  • Mitigates risks and compliance costs — helps to establish that passwords are regularly changed to meet policies and strengthens password integrity by providing new passwords at each access

  • Can improve IT efficiency by establishing that appropriate users have access to the current passwords for required accounts

  • With auditing,PAM can help meet industry regulations while maintaining company policies around highly privileged access accounts

  • Can integrate with additional security tools (SIEM, IAM, 2FA) to further enhance security of IT environments

  • Serves as preventative measure against malicious internal attacks

Risks of not having a PAM solution

  • Passwords shared among multiple users via insecure methods, resulting in non-authorized users having access to key privileged accounts

  • Password policy requirements that are difficult to enforce on end target systems

  • Lack of accountability in tracking users of non- personal accounts and the privileges provided to an account

  • Financial, reputational, brand value, and customer confidence loss

Our service offerings

Managed Services
  • Solution Upkeen & Maintenance

  • Trobleshooting & Finetuning

  • Patch Updates

  • Ongoing Application Onboarding

Design & Implement
  • Solution Architecture

  • Solution Setup

  • Privileged Account Discovery

  • Policy Configuration

  • Process Implementation

Consulting & Strategy
  • Strategy & Roadmap

  • Solution Evaluation

  • Process Blueprint

  • Benefits Realisation

Privileged access as a part of the identity and access management ecosystem

The integration of identity and access management (IAM) and PAM technologies allows for a unified, policy-driven approach to identity and access governance across all users. An integrated IAM ecosystem can help businesses identify and respond to privileged account threats by using existing investments in enterprise identity governance and administration (IGA) and access management solutions.


Case study

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