IT Security Risk and Governance


The business environment is rife with risk. The challenge lies in staying ahead of those risks and preparing accordingly. Insight and independent assurance provide an invaluable safeguard in today’s complex operating environment. We can help you protect and strengthen every aspect of your business, from people to performance, systems to strategy, and business planning to business resilience.


Global Digital Trust Insights Survey 2021

The survey reflects the views of over 3,200 business and IT leaders globally and focuses on a variety of topics including cybersecurity strategy and leadership, budget, resilience, the threat landscape, and team development.  

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Strategy, governance and management

The pace of technology change, regulatory pressures and increasing dependency on technology represent a significant challenge for companies. Business systems must be fully available and reliable to enable business processes to run smoothly, in a well controlled and transparent manner.

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Our services:

  • IT Governance frameworks
  • IT Risk assessment & monitoring
  • IT Control environment support
  • Technology-enabled solutions
  • IT Training and engagement


Business continuity management

In an increasingly interconnected world, it’s imperative for businesses like yours to rethink your contingency planning. Transformed global business and operations strategies add new interruption risks to existing risk portfolios. Building resilient and recoverable operations is more difficult to implement when a crisis occurs and time is precious.

Your leadership and board members may be asking questions such as:

  • Would we be ready to recover from business interruption risk events publicly disclosed to our investors?

  • Can we count on our suppliers to have viable continuity plans that protect us in their time of crisis?

  • How well can our suppliers pivot to support us in our time of crisis?

  • Does our IT disaster recovery program support our operational recovery and resiliency requirements?

The ability to recover critical business activity when something goes wrong is a vital tool in every organisation’s risk-resilience armour. In the event of significant disruptions to business-as usual, usually caused by a serious incident or outage, the ability to recover the delivery of what matters most protects companies from unacceptable financial and reputational damage.

Business continuity management programmes must be designed suit organisational strategies, culture, structures and priorities. They should be built with sustainability in mind, and be flexible and adapt to change.

Our business continuity planning specialists can help your organisation to establish, refresh or maintain a confident, efficient, embedded Business continuity management programme that becomes part of your business-as-usual.

Cyber trailblazers reframe security, driving business growth

Digital Trust Insights

The demand for cybersecurity professionals is skyrocketing. The global cybersecurity workforce shortage will reach 1.8 million positions by 2022, one study projects. But more manpower will not render digital initiatives invulnerable to emerging risks.

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