Penetration Testing

Cyber risk has become a board agenda item at many companies, and a focus for regulators, customers and other stakeholders. Whilst the risks may be well known, too often they are not  clearly quantified and remains in the heads of technical experts in the IT function. Penetration testing is one of the key tools that management can use to shine a light on cyber defences, and it is time to ask more of penetration testing providers to turn deep technical assessments into exercises in business risk management and assurance. 

Our penetration testing capabilities allow our clients to identify their information security risks, understand their impact on the business, and mitigate critical security risks before they lead to financial or reputational loss.

Your challenges

  • Have you been, or are you facing cyberattacks?

  • Have you already been hacked by an insider or by an external attacker?

  • Have you performed PenTests in the past, but struggled to communicate the results to your Board/Management Committee?

  • Do you want to assess the effectiveness of your security controls?

  • Do you want to make sure that your Security Operationg Center can react as quickly and efficiently as needed?

Our team of Ethical Hackers can help you tackle these challenges!

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Mircea Bozga

Mircea Bozga

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