Certified Data Protection Officer Training

The first training authorised by the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice and the Ministry of Education

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We are proud to invite you to the first Data Protection Officer training that is based on the corresponding professional occupational standard. This standard was developed by PwC together with D&B David și Baias and it has been authorised by the National Authority for Qualifications.

The participants will receive graduation certificates as “Data Protection Officer”, with national level recognition. The diploma is certified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice and the Ministry of Education.

25 - 29 Septembrie 2023

The aim of this course is to offer the professional skills and methods specific to the job of Data Protection Officer:

  • ​Informing the organization and people regarding their rights and obligations;
  • Monitoring the way the organization respects the legislation regarding data protection;
  • Issuing recommendations and offering specific assistance to the interpretation and application of legislation regarding data protection;
  • Monitoring application of the tools and methods for improving effectiveness of  information security management system;
  • Analysis and evaluation of the risks regarding processing of personal data.


The course is divided as follows:

Part I:

Method of preparation: theoretical training.

Number of minimum hours: 60h

Part II:

Form of training: practical experience. Based on working tools provided in the theoretical training, learners will need to develop a plan for the DPO, a processing record, an audit mission module, and also address some hypothetical practical issues that we will agree upon together. The proof of the practice session will be demonstrated by writing / completing an working instrument based on case provided by the trainer. 

Number of minimum hours: 120h

Part III:


The participants will go to the chosen headquarters for the graduation exam and will take a written exam before the evaluation committee. The written exam will test both the theoretical and the practical part. The theoretical examination will consist of a grid test, and the practical examination will consist of the realization of a project based on the case (the time allocated to resolving it being time under Part II).

Minimum note required for theoretical examination (grid test) = 5

Minimum required for practical examination (project) = 6

Students who will successfully complete the course will receive a graduation certificate later.


Cătălina Ilie graduated from the Faculty of Law within Bucharest University. She has, also, a Master Diploma in Judiciary Career within the same faculty. She is a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2015. Cătălina joined D&B David si Baias in March 2016. She is member of the team that offers integrated assistance in the implementation context due to the requirements stated by the General Regulation of Data Protection, as well as juridical assistance regarding the relation with the National Authority of Supervision of Data Protection regarding receiving official points of view. Her expertise also include banking law, insurance and corporate law.

Together with Bianca Naghi and Manuela Guia, Cătălina was part of the team project that work on the validation of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) occupational standard in Romania from the Committee of Sectorial Administration and Public Services within National Authority for Qualification, working close with the Committee’s members.

Daniel Vinerean is a member of the Bucharest Bar from 2006, joining D&B David și Baias in November 2017.

Coordinating or being part of a number of consultancy projects related to civil and commercial rights, Daniel developed a good knowledge of clients' needs and the associated commercial interests, being able to offer assistance in complex issues of law. 

His area of expertise also includes Data Protection. Daniel is involved in consultancy and assistance projects based on GDPR. He is involved in activities such as status evaluation according to the Directive requirements and specific recommendations, proposing internal procedures that will insure conformity and drafting documents that meet the standards for proper Data Protection.


Fee for the complete course:  
- standard registration 2 900 lei

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