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In today's highly digitized world, full or partial IT support is indispensable in many areas. IT solutions are also required for rapid, accurate and efficient execution of accounting tasks and financial statement preparation.

What challenges might you face as an accounting professional?

  1. Are you required to prepare financial statements or internal reports for several companies almost at the same time, and within a short deadline?
  2. Are you required to prepare internal reports on a monthly or quarterly basis?
  3. Is the preparation of financial statements and reports time-consuming?
  4. Are the new IFRS Standards highly time consuming?
  5. Do financial statements or reports need to be prepared manually?
  6. Do you need to prepare separate and consolidated financial statements for a group with a large number of companies?
  7. Does the group lack a single consolidation system?

We can assist you with the following:

PwC has developed specific IT tools to address many of the above accounting issues:

Lease Manager IT tool

Application for managing lease contracts and calculating liabilities, right of use asset, interest, and depreciation in accordance with IFRS 16. It enables a quick collection of and reporting on all critical accounting information, for a full compliance with the new standard.

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myIFRS9 IT Tool

An application to assist corporates present their financial assets in accordance with IFRS9

Tool for IFRS 9 is created on the basis of MS Excel. It is easy to use and intuitive for a user. It does not require the installation of any additional software or the assistance of IT specialists. When providing the tool we also ensure user access to workshops covering the application of IFRS9 followed by the availability of further advice on an on-going basis.

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MyReporting IT tool

  • automatically generates financial statements or other reports;
  • suitable for use in any accounting framework;
  • enables rapid, accurate and efficient preparation of financial statements;
  • requires no IT development;
  • easy to install and deploy;
  • easy to use and learn;
  • provides a comparison of Excel spreadsheets.

eConsolidation IT tool

Automates the most frequent and most time-consuming consolidation tasks, such as:

  • adding or deleting subsidiaries;
  • summarising data;
  • translating foreign-currency items of foreign subsidiaries;
  • reconciling intra-group transactions;
  • handling modifications;
The main benefits of using eConsolidation IT are as follows:
  • provides a comparison of Excel spreadsheets;
  • suitable for combining with MyReporting, speeding up preparation of consolidated financial statements;
  • provides a structured and uniform consolidation package sample;
  • requires no IT development;
  • easy to install and deploy;

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