Cyber Arena

Experience a simulated cyber attack and get ready for the real deal.


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Forget boring cybersecurity trainings and endless presentations. With Cyber Arena you will gain a practical experience. Unique simulation of risk assurance and defence strategy will offer a clearer understanding to members of your management and technical team. You will learn to act fast when in a crisis situation and to efficiently build modern and safe company.

Non-technical employees will reach a deeper understanding of what their technologically-focused colleagues do. You will experience a possible process of targeted as well as random cyber-attack on your company. You will see the implementation process of new technological solutions and their mutual synergy. Get a more efficient team!

…a software developed by PwC, which simulates behaviour of a specific IT infrastructure. It offers a unique opportunity to experience and react to cyber-attacks affecting your company. It will help you and your company to check the efficiency of your digitalisation strategy and modern technology development. This all accomplished with a safe tool authentically simulating your company’s settings and processes.

The simulation in Cyber Arena is targeted primarily at top management, IT/Security management, production control and other key roles within the company. Certified tutors hosting the simulation observe the progress and methods of all your team members and in the end together assess the decisions they made during the simulation.

Experiencing the simulation in Cyber Arena will enable your employees to fully understand the importance and impact of each decision from various points of view. You will gain unique Experience of fighting together against a cyber-attacker, which will strengthen the efficiency of communication and understanding specific needs within the team. You will try out what feelings, reactions and ideas this simulation triggers.

Before the simulation itself, our PwC expert will meet with your technician. Together they will design an image of your infrastructure (IT systems, production infrastructure, IoT etc.), which is later reconstructed in the Cyber Arena tool.

You operate everything the way you would operate your own company. Your company’s key-role representatives receive a tablet enabling them to respond to real-time situations based on their field of expertise. Security manager, for example, will respond to cybersecurity attacks by purchasing new infrastructure, which must be first approved by the management. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to try out both scenarios –what happens if you purchase new security infrastructure and what happens if you do not.

During the simulation, you can invest in new employees, processes and technology. Each new investment brings new gains. However, investment sources are limited and each successful cyberattack can therefore result in major costs. These costs can then cause insufficiency in financial resources necessary to reach specific financial results within a defined time.

Dealing with attacks 
The whole team will experience blackmail, data breach and production restrictions. Together they have to deal with these attacks and find an optimal way to prevent them while fulfilling the pre-set financial goals of their company.

Cyber Arena will move you forward as you will gain:

  • A real and intense experience thanks to a unique modern educational programme for top management of your company
  • Practical insight and mutual understanding of problems faced by employees in different roles – top management, IT/Security management, production control and other key roles
  • Comparison of the efficiency of your strategy and communication on a simulated example – you will try out different approaches to security and investment management
  • A detailed analysis of the complete process of the simulation and your chosen approach – assessment and recommendation of changes within your company offered by our cyber security and corporate governance experts
  • Many opportunities for interesting discussions and enhancement of the relations between technical and nontechnical representatives of your company’s management.

Organising a workshop with Cyber Arena is very simple

If you are interested in our Cyber Arena tool, do not hesitate to contact us. We will get in touch with you, find out what the major issues in your company are, and propose a workshop design suitable exactly for your company. Cyber Arena can be very quickly adapted to reflect your company’s structure, and thus enables you to try the simulation almost in a real-time scenario. The workshop can take place within our PwC premises or within yours (the only condition is internet access).


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