Team Coaching Lab

”Team Coaching is the fastest growing market withing the rapidly growing world of coaching. 

The purpose of team coaching is to enable a team to co-create greater beneficial value, with and for, all their stakeholders.” according to the Global Team Coaching Institute. 

Teams are increasingly required to be more agile and work with more stakeholders. Constantly changing their focus and personnel, team and their leaders face unprecedented challenges.

The Team Coaching LAB programme is all about experiencing the process of team coaching on yourself. However, it is underpinned by various theories and research findings on team effectiveness, leadership, communication, cooperation. 

When proposing exercises and structures, we actively draw on the achievements of, among others, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, process-oriented psychology, action learning, the work of Arnold Mindell, Alan Seal, Otto Scharmer, Patrick Lencioni, The Gottman Institute and others. 

Participants are also encouraged to expand their knowledge and explorations through inspirational reading.

Who is it for?

Designed specifically for Internal and external coaches, HR & Senior Leaders. Prior coaching training is preferred but not required.

There are three ways in which the participants can integrate the learning, depending on their familiarity with the subject:

  • New - implement 
  • Familiar - enhance
  • Experienced - deepen
Team Coaching Lab PwC's Academy

Team Coaching Lab is a 3 modules journey in total of 8 full training days. 

Module 1 - Systems and Relationships
3 days - face to face sessions
8 - 10 February 2024
09:30 - 17:30

  • motivation to become a team coach vs. group process
  • the team as a system of relationships / constellation
  • communication in the team coaching process
  • awareness of own and participants' emotions
  • roles and responsibilities of the team coach

The programme for this session is structured to allow participants to experience these aspects on themselves, so that they will not only gain knowledge and practical tools, but more importantly, live experiences on which they can build in the future when working with groups.




Module 2 - Awareness & Mindfulness
2 days - face to face sessions*
19 - 20 April 2024
09:30 - 17:30

  • my relationships with others
  • working with the values of the team
  • being attentive to the needs of the team and the individual participants
  • listening and questioning properly and reflecting
  • clearing emotional space
  • building trust
  • organisation of the coaching process

There is a strong emphasis during this time on developing a team coaching attitude and developing you and your potential (which you will use in further work). In addition, during this session, the coaches will introduce various techniques and methods for creating an appropriate timeline for the team coaching process and designing activities using action plans.

*Trainers will be live online while the participants are required to be present in the training room with a local co-host.

Module 3 - Group Dynamics and Supervision
3 days - face to face sessions
23 - 25 May 2024
09:30 - 17:30

  • group process 
  • advanced work with conflict
  • deeper understanding of group dynamics
  • supervision sessions
  • code of ethics
  • tools in the work of a team coach


The session includes both action learning and observational learning (all participants take part in all exercises). During this session, we will also discuss a variety of tools to help you conduct team coaching sessions

Joanna Zawada, MCC, CTPC

Joanna Zawada

For 13 years, in the company of great people - coaches, trainers and clients, I have been deepening, discovering and opening myself to everything related to cooperation, building relationships, communication and leadership. I am fascinated by the extraordinary synergy of psychology, psychobiology, quantum physics and combining ancient wisdom with NASA innovation.

For more than 13 years, inspired by the co-active leadership of Karen and Henry Kimsey-House, Alan Seal's Transformative Presence approach, Theory U and Dialogue initiated by MIT scientists, and mystical spiritual paths, I have treated steps of all sizes on the way to discovering consciousness, presence and dialogue. These 3 key words are the foundation of our work in organizations. 

We live in a world of "quick wins", the use of force and pills for everything, the side effects of which are often more dangerous than the condition itself. We do not serve pills for success. We take you on a journey that will allow you to see something more: to transcend what hinders and create interventions that serve and last. Our activities may not necessarily be slow food - but certainly real food. We invite those who feel the shiver of excitement at the thought of going on a journey to cooperate with us. Deep doesn't mean hard - rather true. To quote Joseph Campbell - "in the cave you will find your treasure" I believe that the journey creates a hero. So I invite you to travel!


Beata Rycembel, PCC

Beata Rycembel

Beata began her coaching adventure many years ago, not even knowing that what she was doing was coaching. This is her natural way of being with people both in professional and private relationships. She supplemented her intuitive coaching skills in coaching schools that meet the highest global standards.

What she does is her passion. For over 11 years she worked in international corporations. There she gained knowledge and practical experience, which she now uses in her work. She took her first steps in the marketing and sales department. Then, as HR Director, she was responsible for Central and Eastern Europe. 

She is an ICF accredited coach at the PCC level. He is also a co-founder of the ICF-accredited team coaching school - Team Coaching Lab. She provides coaching and workshop support to management boards of companies operating in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.


Your investment:

  • 2,750 Eur + VAT - full price
  • 2,400 Eur + VAT - Early bird (10%), applicable until 8 January 2024
  • 2,285 Euro + VAT - BCD Alumni


The programme is ICF accredited for 60 CCE (Continuous Coaching Education) ICF units.

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