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PwC’s Payroll team provides end-to-end payroll and HR administration managed services, as well as related consulting for Romanian employers, but also for other countries in Europe. We partner with our clients to ensure employees are paid correctly and the organisation complies with the Romanian dynamic regulatory environment. We provide peace of mind and a scalable, cost-effective alternative to an in-house payroll department, while ensuring the connection with the broader PwC expertise: employment taxes, employment law, global mobility, equity and reward, and human resources operations and technology.

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How we can help

Our services include:

  • Monthly and annual processing services, incl. preparation of standard reports, calculation of taxes and social security contributions, submission of D112 return etc.
  • Preparation and filing the annual statements for the employees
  • Preparation of notifications and reports for different authorities (National Health Fund, Labour Authority, National Institute of Statistics etc.), as well as other reports relevant for the client
  • Configuration of (additional) payroll elements in the system
  • Revisal services (inputs in the Electronic Register of Employees)
  • Notification regarding relevant legislative changes
  • Joiners and leavers management, contract changes management
  • Salary and employment certificates

We have payroll experts in 160 countries / territories who assure accuracy and compliance whilst advising and consulting. If you are a Romanian company present in multiple territories or a multinational company coordinating payroll services from Romania, we can offer multi-country payroll and coordination services.

Regularly or occasionally, companies may choose to complete a payroll review exercise, which in essence comprises a diagnostic or health check of your existing payroll processes, controls and team skill sets to determine where potential weaknesses may exist in order for targeted remediation and strengthening to take place. Our payroll, employment tax and legislation professionals are here to support if you experience high error rates, concerns raised by the internal audit team, penalties from tax or labour authorities, changes in the team and / or provider or simply you wish to ensure the process is complaint. 

We can provide hands-on support to your business if your payroll team becomes unavailable or is unable to complete the payroll process unexpectedly. This support can be delivered remotely or onsite to provide the help you need, when you need it most.

Ensuring that your payroll team, at all grades, has the necessary skills and experience is critical for payroll success. We support businesses with training at all levels within the payroll team, from administrators who are new to the team, all the way through to experienced heads of payroll.  

Payroll is not just about paying people accurately and on time. It manages what can often be an employer’s largest expense, carrying with it the risk of wage underpayments, while payroll and Time & Attendance data can unlock valuable insights for an organisation.

Historically, payroll has been seen as a low risk function that is generally automated (or outsourced). It rarely troubles the higher levels of management, as long as it is running smoothly. To that extent, many organisations may not have given payroll a great deal of time or attention.

In the current environment, organisations are now looking to support payroll by implementing more effective controls to manage risk, and incorporating technological advancements and data analytics to unlock the true value of payroll.

Our integrated team can provide consulting services to improve the efficiency of the current processes, develop automation solutions, design delivery models that enhance employee experience, derive analytics and insights valuable for the business.


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