Value Chain Transformation

As the world in which we operate continues to dramatically change, gaining a competitive advantage against a backdrop of economic uncertainty can be difficult. Business restructuring can be a way for companies to gain competitive footing, but it is a complex process. For each business transformation, every level of an organization is involved, and the implications - operational, tax and legal - are wide in scope.

PwC brings together a wide pool of experts with experience in supply chain management, shared services and human resources, as well as our in-depth expertise in tax services in areas such as transfer pricing, commissionaire and agency structures, VAT and customs duties, to create an integrated best practices model for your supply chain. We aim at creating models that best support ongoing business development, that include strategies at the global and country levels, and are flexible for future expansion, including acquisitions.


We can help you with:

  • Creating an operational structure that aligns your organization’s unique elements.
  • Aligning your operational, tax and legal structures to achieve sustainable financial and operational benefits during business transformation.
  • Establishing potential synergies within your supply chain and operating structure.
  • Determining how shared services between departments can help control costs, enhance your processes, and create visibility throughout your value chain.

Transfer pricing is an integral part of a Value Chain Transformation project. We work closely together with our Value Chain Transformation team to ensure proper design and implementation of transfer pricing when redesigning the value chain. Learn more.


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