PwC's 21st CEO Survey

The need for companies to find new ways of attracting, motivating and retaining employees, by offering them engagement and purpose, is reflective of a broader tension in society

Countries in our region face the challenge of becoming more cohesive societies by increasing levels of trust. Businesses have a role to play in this process, by taking a new approach not only to employees, but also to customers and regulators. One way they can do so is by leveraging the region’s relatively high online trust to turn it into the face-to-face kind.

While more work remains to be done, this year’s survey brings some positive news on this front: 69% of CEOs in our region report that they’re making efforts to measure trust between their workforce and their organisation’s senior leadership, close to the global rate of 71%.

Looking outside the organisation, 74% say they’re measuring trust between their companies and their customers, exactly the same as the global rate. Also similarly to their international peers, they report using a range of tactics to create trust both within and outside their organisations – all of which will be needed as they seek to build up trust from the low base in this region.

Our region faces an enormous challenge in improving levels of trust in our societies, and companies need to find a way to ensure they’re making a positive contribution to that process.

Vera Vytvarova, PwC CEE Assurance Leader

An earlier version of this section misstated the figures for the percentages of CEOs who measure trust within and outside their organisations. We regret the error.

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