Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - the “S” in the ESG

With 193 governments agreeing to deliver 17 goals tackling major world issues by 2030, change lies ahead for business, not only to rethink strategy and business behaviour to align with the goals, but also to assess and evidence their impact.

Supporting you to address the S in the ESG

  • Assist with developing fair and inclusive HR policies, such as Diversity & Inclusion Policy, as well as strategies and programs to attract, integrate and retain diverse workforce, including cultural and behavioral change initiatives, leadership alignment and role modelling etc.
  • Assist with improving gender equality & equal pay according to international standards and to help you obtain a recognized certification across industries - Equal Salary Certification; our approach starts with an in-depth analysis followed by onsite visits where we review the management commitment to equal pay, integration of fair remuneration strategies and perception of employees against reward policies. At the end, we support to successfully pass the external audit in order to be certified.
  • Support in developing processes to monitor social and D&I indicators and behaviors amongst your stakeholders (e.g. suppliers)

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  • Support in identification and clear definition of the most relevant social goals for your organisation, taking into account in which industry and geographies you operate (most frequent relate to D&I, employee health, safety & well-being, education & upskilling)
  • Define strategies to address these goals, including performance measures and monitoring instruments
  • Assist in developing strategies and programs to upskill population segments or potential employee groups in your communities, based on social responsibility strategy

  • Introduce concepts and requirements in terms of social sustainable development for your leadership, employees, clients, providers and other stakeholders in the wider community by developing a communication strategy, organising events and other relevant actions
  • Understanding where your organisation is in terms of sustainability awareness and culture by conducting a survey among leadership / employees
  • Assess the ESG engagement level in the organization and define a cultural change roadmap that will support the overall ESG transformation, tailored to the current ESG maturity of the organization

  • Support to set-up an ESG organization and integration across multiple levels of the company, together with a strong ESG governance (e.g. CSO, ESG council, etc.); this will include definition of cross-functional roles and responsibilities, set of necessary technical competences and soft skills, team sizing, necessary training areas, dedicated tools, based on best practices and cost effectiveness criteria.
  • Operating model alignment to ESG strategy; performance management data, systems and processes; integration into key decision-making processes; people and talent development; alignment with reward processes; supply chain management and customer experience.


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