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Humanity stands on the threshold of another wave of digital transformation - make sure you “ride the wave“!

Ignite the digital dialogue, and let technology transform your business. 

Our society lives, works, and plays digitally. Around the clock, we rely on technology's speed, efficiency and convenience. This exciting tech whirlwind continually builds, shifts and innovates. But with exhilaration comes apprehension - about pace, corporate dynamics, government or industry regulations, and potential threats. All are valid hurdles - they're also opportunities. Together, we can make technology happen for your business.

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As technology in the workplace increases, it will have a big impact on both people and culture. It’ll change the type of people you employ. It’ll change the culture of delivery within the organisation. It’ll drive us away from applying human thoughts to things which can be automated in a very logical way.

Peter Harrison Group Chief Executive of Schroders plc., UK for PwC 20th CEO Survey 2017

Human Capital Solutions

  • Talent strategy
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Performance management
  • Reward and Global mobility strategy
  • HR Technology Selection & Implementation
  • Capability & Training
  • HR excellence and transformation Measuring & managing workforce ROI

Change Management

  • Development Lifecycle Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Business/ROI
  • Solutions Roadmaps
  • Change Leadership & Communications
  • Education & Training

Business networks

Finance Solutions

  • Finance Transformation
  • EPM Transformation
  • New GL Migrations
  • Transfer Pricing
  • S/4 HANA
  • Revenue Recognition

Risk & Compliance Solutions

  • GRC Access Controls
  • Security Assessment, Strategy & Design
  • SAP Security Health Check
  • GRC Process Controls
  • GRC Risk Management
  • Global Trade Compliance

Operations/ Supply Chain Solutions

  • SCM Transformation
  • Procurement Strategy (Ariba)
  • Sales & Ops Planning
  • Cloud Integrated Business Planning


Digital/Customer Solutions

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital customer experience design
  • Digital and social commerce
  • Marketing, analytics
  • Business Case, Roadmap Development & Proof of Concept
  • CRM/Mobility Strategy Development Full Business Transformation
  • Hybris B2C Retail Proof of Concept

Data & Analytics Solutions

  • Business Intelligence
  • Content Management
  • Dashboard & Scorecard
  • Migration and Validation Quality
  • Information Strategy
  • Master Data Management
  • HANA Architect Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap
  • HANA Architecture Implementation
  • Integration BPM Implementation

...organisations will change dramatically. The arrival of artificial intelligence, the arrival of robotics, the arrival of big data, the arrival of the interrogation techniques that are now capable of being deployed on data, all give sort of a new challenge but also a new tool to businesses across the world. We have to embrace them. We have to recognise that they’re here to stay and it will only get worse.

John Patrick Hourican CEO of Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus UK for PwC 20th CEO Survey 2017


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