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We are creating new solutions in the public sector using our international experience and long-term knowledge of the Romanian environment.

We work on a wide range of public sector themes. Our clients are most often ministries, state organizations, businesses, municipalities, research and educational institutions.

Starting with 2019, at national level, the EC Regulation no. 1370/2007 enters into force. This requires both municipalities and local public transportation operators to comply gradually with certain provisions.

Purpose of the Regulation

  • It defines the approach of the competent authorities (City Halls) in the field of public transportation, in order to guarantee the provision of services of general interest;
  • Establishes the conditions in which the competent authorities, when imposing or contracting public service obligations, compensate the public service operators for the costs incurred and/or grant exclusive rights in exchange of fulfilling the public service obligations;


  • The regulation is mandatory starting with 2019;
  • Requires the transformation of the operator from autonomous administration into a company (where appropriate);
  • Requires conclusion of a delegation contract for the public transportation service between the Municipality and the operator;
  • Requires revision of the cost/km used in compensation at the end of each year.

Depending on the stage of the transition to EC Regulation 1370, PwC Romania may help you with:

  • Operational activity analysis and development of procedures (monitoring of kilometres, tracking of consumptions by types of vehicles, compliance with regulations regarding the technical revisions, etc.);
  • Financial and technical assistance in order to establish the unit price per kilometre;
  • Assistance regarding the implementation of the requirements of the EC Regulation No. 1370/2007 (reimbursement methods, monitoring requirements and reporting of performance indicators, investments carried out, etc.).

Our Romanian Public Sector practice provides independent and objective advice to clients across the broad public sector at the municipal, local and national government levels, including respective state-owned entities.

Our purpose is building trust in society and solve complex problems.

We are working with government and other public sector organisations to meet the challenges they face and keep their organisations relevant and effective by providing a comprehensive range of assurance services.

How we can help

  • Financial and operational analysis of entities under the Municipality‚Äôs control such as public operators (transport, public domain, etc.);
  • Agreed procedures on different subject matters;
  • Development of various procedures (internal, designed to monitor the companies under municipality‚Äôs control, etc.).

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