RPA complementary services are necessary to set the stage for a successful automation of processes and to ensure fast project delivery


Business Process Reengineering


Business Analysis


Business Process Management


Lean Digitalisation

Data Management & Governance


Document Management


Project Monitoring & Controlling


RPA implementation for an important utilities player in Romania

  • The client wanted to jump-start their company-wide RPA implementation program with a pilot, aiming to prove the technology benefits to stakeholders
  • We analysed selected processes in order to identify potential for optimization and automation
  • Based on business cases built for each opportunity identified, the company selected 5 robots, which we developed
  • Yearly savings of more than 150,000 EUR were generated as a result of the process time reduction


RPA PoC delivery for one of the biggest utilities company in Romania

  • Within a transformation program, we used Lean and BPR methodologies to identify cost optimization opportunities, as well as design solutions to reduce process time and associated costs, as well as improve customer experience
  • We delivered a RPA PoC for the new connections process, to secure buy-in from top management stakeholders
  • As a result, the company proceeded to a pilot implementation based on the benefits showcased of over 90% of current cost reduction, approx. 100,000 EUR per year


Artificial Intelligence impact study for a major IT company

  • The client was interested in assessing AI impact in Romania
  • We analysed key trends in AI vs. other technologies, reviewed use cases, analysed  adoption maturity per industry and key benefits
  • The study revealed that the impact of AI on Romanian GDP is expected to gradually grow from RON2.2bn in 2019 (0.3% of GDP) to RON122.6bn in 2030 (9.4% of GDP)
  • Industrial production, retail and the public sectors will be the biggest contributors to the AI impact


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