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Financial stress can be caused by a number of different factors. It is critical for companies and their stakeholders to quickly recognise the key signs of stress and take action to preserve value. The key to preserving value for all stakeholders is spotting the warning signs early and obtaining specialist advice quickly.


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Our team

Apart from the rich PwC expertise shared accros the global network, our Business Recovery Services specialists have extensive experience with major restructuring projects nationally and regionally. This wealth of hands-on experience can be adapted to client needs at the national and international level. This enables us to offer specific solutions that have real impact on clients’ business. We work alongside businesses to negotiate great outcomes at speed, finding the optimal solution to financial and operational challenges by reducing risk and protecting value where time and cash are tight.

We are able to rapidly identify problematic areas in each crisis stage, develop value-preserving and unique solutions, and then implement them swiftly and precisely in cooperation with the management. These are the key drivers that made PwC the world's largest provider of business restructuring  and insolvency services. We provide our services to quoted and private companies, state enterprises and government authorities.

Our key areas of expertise

We can help companies overcome working capital challenges.

Assuming that the company knows the causes of its decline in performance or the crisis, it can prepare.

In today’s business environment, several factors carry potential risks even for successful companies.

We can provide fiscal and legal assistance to companies wanting to restructure their government debts.

The ad-hoc mandate represents the confidential procedure initiated at the request of the debtor.

A mechanism for avoiding insolvency and of an agreement between debtor and creditor regarding the debts.

If left unaddressed the financial distress can ultimately threaten the very existence of the company.

We support companies, most commonly under a Sell-side mandate, either facing an urgent need for cash.

Where businesses are underperforming, in distress, or in crisis, we provide tailored business review services.

We are focused on the evaluation of loan portfolios and the implementation of the optimum disposal solution.

We work with you to identify problematic issues, evaluate available options and implement relevant solutions.

Key elements of the financing strategy include the cost, and security of the financing to be obtained.

Some companies decide to cease operations due to objective reasons.

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Why PwC

Independence and unbiased opinion

PwC provides the appropriate level of independence in all circumstances. We are appointed by the courts and the regulatory authorities around the globe to provide independent, knowledgeable opinions relating to value. We draw on considerable economic and commercial specialisation to ensure that our opinions are delivered to the most robust standards of objectivity and independence.

Close business relationship with banks

The team includes former banking professionals from prestigious institutions, whose extensive experience enables BRS to thoroughly understand banking requirements, expectations and key criteria considered in financing/refinancing decisions. 

Unique expertise and experience in restructuring

Company restructuring and performance management are some of PwC`s key areas of expertise. During the last 30 years, we gained experience in various industries and successfully tackled situations requiring practical and flexible approaches in managing individual projects. Our team has spearheaded key restructuring cases nationally and regionally, in CEE countries such as The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Moldova.

"Hands on" approach

On-site presence, daily client contact and hands-on approach enables us to create value for the company. All interim findings and outputs are discussed and validated with management in real-time, for quick and efficient decision-making.

Stakeholder management. Negotiations facilitation experience.

We understand that a successful restructuring process is linked to finding win-win solutions for both Companies and Lenders. As bank involvement at the start of the process is a must, while conducting IBR, we inform banks from the very beginning about interim findings and convey debt restructuring proposals, in order to manage their expectations.

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