Workforce cost projection

Workforce cost projection tool was developed to help organisations simulate the workforce costs of the COVID-19 legislative workforce measures recently enforced on Romanian market (including reduction of working time for different staff categories), providing a clear overview of their impact for the organization. The product is applicable to any industry and is meant for both large and small organisations.


Offers a clear visualisation of the costs cutting measures applied to company's workforce split by employee categories and departments.

Pre-configured HR dashboard developed considering market trends, legislation and industry requirements.

Software as a service to design reward schemes, perform costs simulations, model compensation budgets and workforce planning scenarios, etc.

People analytics

Sustain business dynamics and overcome external and internal challenges through:

  • Need to manage and make costs decisions during economic downturn
  • Workforce strategy shifts due to flexible time and remote working
  • Managing absenteeism in the pandemic context
  • Rapidly evolving solutions for data analytics

HR needs to be well equipped to:

  • Understand costs impact of decisions required due to external factors challenges
  • Ensure required workforce availability to sustain productivity at target
  • Determine suitable approach on remuneration packages
  • Support HR decisions on workforce retention, motivation and availability
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Oana Munteanu

Oana Munteanu

Director, Workforce Services Leaders, PwC Romania