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Workforce cost projection

Workforce cost projection tool was developed to help organisations simulate the workforce costs of the COVID-19 legislative workforce measures recently enforced on Romanian market (including reduction of working time for different staff categories), providing a clear overview of their impact for the organization. The product is applicable to any industry and is meant for both large and small organisations.

Core features

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Possibility to test or simulate workforce cost impact of any of the available measures by employees category and departments using organization's own data.

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Access to an integrated dashboard prividing real time data visualisations.

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Interactive and dynamic interface giving the possibility to create new view and to export the results of simulated scenarios.

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Costs impact can be determined considering base salary only or additional salary elements (e.g. fixed bonuses, benefits costs, allowances, etc.).

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The tool will be subject to continuous improvements implemented following the pace of any future legislative measures to be enforced by local authorities. All clients using the product will automatically have access to all future developments which will increase their final experience.


Offers a clear visualisation of the costs cutting measures applied to company's workforce split by employee categories and departments.

Pre-configured HR dashboard developed considering market trends, legislation and industry requirements.

Software as a service to design reward schemes, perform costs simulations, model compensation budgets and workforce planning scenarios, etc.

People analytics

Sustain business dynamics and overcome external and internal challenges through:

  • Need to manage and make costs decisions during economic downturn
  • Workforce strategy shifts due to flexible time and remote working
  • Managing absenteeism in the pandemic context
  • Rapidly evolving solutions for data analytics

HR needs to be well equipped to:

  • Understand costs impact of decisions required due to external factors challenges
  • Ensure required workforce availability to sustain productivity at target
  • Determine suitable approach on remuneration packages
  • Support HR decisions on workforce retention, motivation and availability
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Oana Munteanu

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