Stefan Weiblen

Stefan Weiblen

Partner, Assurance Services, Romania

Stefan is a senior Financial Services Partner in PwC Romania. He has an extensive auditing and accounting experience in financial services and in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) audit, transaction support projects of multinational and local clients in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe, responsible for technical issues in respect of IFRS, AQR - experienced partner role, experience in due diligence projects. Stefan was responsible for technical issues in respect of IFRS, US and local GAAP.

Stefan is a WP and member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, in Germany. In 1995 he joined The Chamber of Public Accountants (Wirtschaftsprüferkammer Deutschland - WPK) and in 1993, he became a Member of Chamber of Tax Advisors, Germany (Steuerberaterkammer Deutschland).

31 years as professional auditor and professional consultant. He has led a wide range of projects, being involved in Audit missions for clients from various range of financial industries (life/non-life/composite insurance entities, including Solvency II Schedules audits, banks including FINREP reporting, financial non banking institutions, capital markets). Stefan also participated in reviewing the Balance Sheet within the mission of EIOPA and Financial Supervisory Authority in Bulgaria, with various projects involving Financial Due Diligence or banks and financial institutions. Moreover, in 2015 and 2016, Stefan led six Asset Quality Review projects in Serbia and Bulgaria.

Stefan was Territory Assurance Leader of PwC Bulgaria and the Partner in Charge of Assurance Services for financial institutions PwC Bulgaria.

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