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CEO Survey 2016

Principalele rezultate pentru România ale sondajului anual PwC Global CEO Survey 2016 Redefinirea succesului în afaceri într-o lume în schimbare

The Romanian Tax Pocket Book 2015

The Romanian Tax Pocket Book is our landmark tax publication offering the latest information on Romanian tax rules that apply to individuals and companies. It also gives a comprehensive overview of taxation of corporations, taxation of individuals, Value Added Tax, Customs and International Tax, Excise Duties and Environmental Fund Contributions.

CEO Survey 2015

Main results for Romania of the annual Global CEO Survey, conducted by PwC – 18th edition, 2015 Redefining competition in a border-free market

PwC Family Business Survey 2014/2015

A stable segment of the global economy, family businesses account for 70-90% of global GDP and are a barometer of economic and social health. Of the companies listed in Fortune 500, 35% are family businesses. Despite the trying economic environment, rendered more difficult by the shortage of a talented workforce and challenges pertaining to innovation and corporate governance, family businesses show stamina and adaptability. In order to grow further, family businesses have to keep innovating and do business in a professional way.