IBAN codes for paying VAT to the State Treasury have been updated


Following the publication of Order no. 620/2018 (approving the list of state budget revenue accounts into which are collected amounts from the VAT accounts of taxable persons registered for VAT purposes), all the IBANs for paying VAT to the State Treasury have been updated.

Thus, VAT liabilities due by persons registered for VAT purposes (whether or not they apply the split VAT system) are paid using beneficiary IBAN codes containing the "VAT" structure.

Consult ANAF’s webpage to view the list of IBANs for each Treasury.

PwC developed ANAFcheck app which enables automated checks of all the fiscal identification numbers of your suppliers and clients (i.e. VAT registration data, VAT split system, active/inactive profile, cash accounting WATT scheme status). For more details we encourage you to check our dedicated webpage on ANAFcheck.

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