Amendments to Environmental fund contributions

Amendments to Environmental fund contributions

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3 September 2013

Ordinance no. 31 amending the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 196/2005 regarding the Environmental Fund was been published.

The most important changes refer to the contributions with respect to packages and oils.

Thus, clarifications are brought with respect to the operators responsible for packaging introduced onto the national market in order to include operators which rent packaging, in any form under a professional title. The packaging waste management objectives remain at the level set for 2012.

The application of the tax and the reporting obligations regarding oils will be changed as of 1st of January 2014, as follows:

- an increased one-off tax of RON 0.3 /kg will be applied, to quantities of oils on mineral base, semi-synthetic oils, synthetic oils, with or without additional components;
- the tax will be paid on a monthly basis by the economic operators introducing such products onto the national market and will be mentioned separately on sales documents;
- the oils management objective for 2013 of 80% of the quantity of oils introduced onto the national market will be repealed.

[Source: Official Gazette of Romania no. 553/30 August 2013.]

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