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  • Provide insightful and prompt tax compliance services
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A one-hour complimentary meeting at PwC premises to listen to and understand your specific needs. We will provide you with our preliminary high-level feedback on your particular circumstances and discuss how PwC can help. 

Growing a business, whether local or multinational, often means moving individuals between countries and cultures. Such movement gives rise to local tax and immigration obligations. In an environment where regulations change constantly and the frequency of tax inspections is rising, it’s more important than ever to understand and fully comply with local and international tax, social security and immigration requirements.

Consulting services

  • Review of international mobility policies and procedures
  • Design of assignment structures from a tax, social security and immigration perspective
  • Advisory services concerning the taxation of remuneration and additional benefits
  • Review of individual income tax exemption for software development and R&D activities

International social security services

  • Reviews of applicable social security legislation
  • Applications for certificates of social security coverage (e.g. A1/S1 forms, TR/R forms) and applicable extensions
  • Registration in voluntary social security schemes
  • Reviews of social security benefit entitlement for expatriates

Immigration services

  • Registration certificates for EU nationals and EU family members
  • Residency cards for non-EU nationals, family members of EU nationals
  • Romanian visas (e.g. for business / employment /secondment / family reunion / commercial activities /professional activities and other purposes)
  • Work authorisations for employment / secondment of non-EU nationals to Romania
  • Residence permits for non-EU nationals and their family members, including Blue Cards for highly-skilled individuals, Single Permit for local employees or ICT Permits / Mobile ICT Permits for Intra-company transferees

Tax compliance services 

  • Monthly income tax and social security compliance for inbound assignees
  • Annual tax compliance for resident and non-resident individuals

Tax residence services 

  • Assessment of the tax residence position for inbound and outbound assignees
  • Assistance with the tax residence questionnaires on arrival in and departure from Romania, and in the tax residence certificates application process
  • Assistance in meeting the reporting obligations imposed on Romanian companies employing residents of other EU Member States

Global equity tax compliance and trailing liability management 

  • Coordinated advice on international tax aspects applying to global equity share plans
  • Assistance with share-plans payroll implementation
  • Review of the Romanian income tax and social contributions treatment applicable for global equity plans and assistance with ongoing tax reporting requirements

Tax Reviews and Tax Due Diligence analysis

  • Tax reviews in the individual taxation area, including process analysis focusing on cost-saving opportunities
  • Tax due diligence analysis from an individual’s taxation perspective – when selling / buying / restructuring companies / lines of business in Romania

High Net Worth Individuals services 

  • Dedicated team assisting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) with their tax compliance obligations in Romania for personal income (i.e. tax implications of real estate investments, capital gains, pension plans, derivatives, etc.)
  • Deliver customised presentation to private banking clients

Training services 

Specialist training sessions for HR and Tax practitioners on domestic and international expatriate taxation, immigration and social security rules, labour law and payroll regulations


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