Our environmental competencies

Our environmental competencies

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PwC is registered in the National Environmental Auditors’ Registry, being certified to develop environmental site assessments, environmental impact assessments and environmental reports*

(* According to the provisions of GEO no. 195/2005 on environmental protection, approved with its modifications and completions by Law no. 265/2006, with its ulterior modifications and completions and to the provisions of MO no. 1026/2009 regarding the conditions related to the development of environmental reports, environmental impact assessments, environmental site assessments, site reports, Seveso safety reports and biodiversity studies)

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1. Environmental studies
2. Technical documentation requested by the Environmental Authorities
3. Consultancy on different environmental items
4. Environmental Fund issues

Why PwC?

PwC environmental team has an extensive experience in providing environmental services for companies operating in various industries such as: pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry, battery production industry, pulp and paper manufacturing, oil & gas sector, constructions and real estate industry, heavy industry, metallurgy and metal works’ industry, food & beverages, retail, logistics, etc.
Our environmental team is integrated within our Tax group and supported by the PwC international network. Our environmental specialists are certified as environmental auditors and managers for environmental management systems.

1. Environmental studies

1.1. Environmental Compliance Audit

The Environmental Compliance Audit is a specific study used by the top management of a company to establish the level of compliance with the legal applicable environmental requirements.  
The following types of activities will be performed for this audit:

  • Establishing the impact of the current activities upon the environment;
  • Establishing the level of the risk and potential environmental liabilities;
  • Identification of the legal applicable requirements;
  • Identification of the main non-compliances associated to the activities developed by the target company;
  • Identification of the remedial measures for the de environmental non-compliances identified during the audit.

1.2. Environmental Due Diligence

The Environmental Due Diligence identifies the environmental risks caused by non-compliances with the environmental law and the potential site contamination and quantifies the associated material exposure. It also confirms or invalidates the potential contamination identified, through soil & groundwater sampling and analysis. The data acquired on the area and the depth of contamination can establish the calculation base for the assessment of the costs generated by the remedial works.


2. Technical documentation requested by the Environmental Authorities

2.1. Environmental Impact assessment

The purpose of this study is to assess the environmental impact generated by new investments or by the companies’ modernisation/upgrade. The EIA is a basic component of the technical file necessary to be submitted by a company in order to obtain its Environmental Permit.

2.2. Environmental Site assessment (level 0, I and II)

The purpose of this study is to assess the environmental issues of a company whose activities generate environmental impacts with the purpose of obtaining the Environmental Authorization.


3. Consultancy on different environmental items

3.1. Waste management audits

The waste management audit consists of performing an analysis with respect to the waste management practices, to the taxes and to environmental liabilities of a company. This type of audit will allow the company to be aware of its potential risk areas and will provide optimisation possibilities in the field of waste management and recommendations which are necessary to reduce these risks.

3.2. Building and implementing Environmental Management Systems in accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 14001:2005/AC:2009.

Development of the complete documentation of the environmental management system:

  • environmental policy;
  • initial environmental analysis;
  • environmental targets, objectives and management plan;
  • environmental management manual;
  • general and operational procedures and instructions;
  • pre-certification audit.

Note: Our team can assist the client through the entire process of building, implementing and certification of the environmental management system.


4. Environmental Fund issues

Assessing the compliance with reporting and payment obligations regarding environmental fund taxes (e.g. packages, used oils, hazardous substances, used tires, etc.);

  • Opinions on packaging waste recovery and recycling management with the view of ensuring the achievement of the national objectives;
  • Opinion on obligations arising for electrical and electronic equipment and batteries placed on the Romanian market;
  • Assistance during inspections and litigation process on environmental taxes
  • To assess compliance with the local regulations in the field of the Environmental Fund
  • Development of Environmental Fund Surveys & Impact Studies regarding Environmental Tax Topics for specific industries (i.e retail, logistics, automotive, etc.).


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