National Strategy on Waste Management 2014 - 2020

National Strategy on Waste Management 2014 - 2020

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6 December 2013

The Romanian Government has adopted Decision no. 870 regarding the National Strategy on Waste Management (NSWM).

The NSWM targets the following aspects:
- Waste prevention and reuse for more efficient use of resources;
- Development and expansion of systems for segregated collection of waste;
- Development / implementation of technologies and recycling and / or recovery facilities;
- Support for energy recovery from waste, for waste that cannot be recycled;
- Reduction of the amount of waste disposed of through storage.

The NSWM provisions apply to all types of waste regulated by Law no. 211/2011 regarding waste management.

The NSWM will influence the behaviour and actions of the following categories:
Producers of goods: reuse products using more recycled materials and design products to generate less waste;
Merchants: reduce the quantity of waste generated by their activities;
Generators of waste: separate waste for recycling and recovery purposes and modify consumer behaviour towards purchasing products that generate less waste.
Environmental authorities: provide adequate services to manage all types of waste streams.
Waste management industry: invest in the best techniques available in the field of waste recovery / recycling and ensure proper waste management services are provided to facilitate recycling and recovery of waste generated by economic agents.


[Source: Official Gazette of Romania no. 750 dated 4 December 2013]


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