New declaration measures for non-EU borders

New declaration measures for non-EU borders

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18 November 2013

National Agency for Fiscal Administration Order no. 3,447 /2013 on defining the occasional nature of goods brought into Romania inside personal luggage by travellers coming from non-EU countries (“the Order”) was published on 8 November 2013.

The Order clarifies the meaning of the term “occasional” when considering such goods brought in from Romania inside personal luggage by travellers coming from countries which are not members of the European Union (e.g. Republic of Moldavia, Ukraine, Serbia).

The Customs Authorities consider “occasional” to be the introduction of goods in certain quantities, as mentioned in special legislation, at an interval of at least seven days following the previous statement regarding goods brought by the same traveller.

As a result of these changes, as of 15 November 2013, new declaration measures apply whereby travellers have to declare, by means of a form available at customs offices, certain types of goods (e.g. tobacco, alcohol beverages, fuel and others) brought into Romania inside their luggage.

The General Directorate of Customs has also published a press briefing regarding these changes which can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Press briefing General Directorate of Customs

[Source: Official Gazette of Romania no. 686 / 8 November 2013]

For more information, please contact Mihaela Mitroi, Ionut Simion and Daniel Anghel.


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