EU & Public Sector Advisory

Following EU accession, aid for development is financed from the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds. Accessing these funds by both public institutions and private businesses is subject to specific eligibility criteria, hence the effective use of these resources is in the national interest.

The capacity of the local authorities in terms of borrowing is limited. Their duties multiply year to year, without being complemented by similar increases in the allocated resources. Moreover, local authorities may encounter difficulties in accessing the European funds due to their limited preparation to use them efficiently.

Companies would also need to revise and adjust their activities if they want to successfully engage in doing business in the European Union.

PwC addresses its clients’ individual needs and provides support in achieving its specific goals. Our individual consultations allow us to identify specific problems and opportunities thus enabling us to offer short, medium and long term solutions tailored to our clients needs. Our team of specialists, including our PwC’s international network are ready to assist you with:

  • Investment attractiveness studies
  • Project preparation:
    • Project identification
    • Market analyses
    • Pre-feasibility studies
    • Feasibility studies
    • Cost-benefit analyses
    • Impact studies
    • Co-financing resource identification
    • Application preparation
  • Project management
    • Resource identification and co-ordination
    • Preparation of the financial application/ project co-financing
    • Tender documentation preparation
  • Project implementation assessment
    • Verification of compliance with the financing methodology
    • Objectives accomplishment assessment
    • Project audit
  • Assistance in drafting the communication strategy with project stakeholders
  • Assistance in meeting project visibility requirements

Project Finance and PPP Services

Our first objective is to help the public and private sectors in obtaining PPP contracts. Our role consists in understanding and finding solutions to the complex problems emerging when implementing PPP projects. The key to successfully concluding PPP contracts and achieving tangible results is to manage in an ethical and professional manner the entire process of PPP project implementation.

Our help for the public sector addresses all stages of the project: potential projects identification, project feasibility including value for money analysis, investors’ identification and selection, drafting of partnerships agreement, fund raising and assistance in contract negotiation. We can also assist you in engaging in partnerships with the private sector that allow for the delivery of efficient solutions at competitive prices.