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CEO Survey 2013
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Key findings for Romania from the 16th PwC Annual Global CEO Survey

Interconnectivity is the key word for this year’s edition of the PwC Global CEO Survey for Romania. Redefining the relationship with all partners and stakeholders, increasing the customer base, addressing talent management and rethinking the organizational structure – these are the main themes on the agenda of Romanian CEOs, according to the results of the 16th edition of our survey. The report was launched as a supplement to Ziarul Financiar on 30 May, 2013, featuring a series of articles and inteviews with high-profile CEOs including Mariana Gheorghe, CEO, OMV Petrom, Hans Dewaele, CEO, Procter&Gamble Balkans, Fredrik Ragmark, CEO, Medicover, Liviu Drăgan, CEO, Totalsoft, Mihai Marcu, President, MedLife, Adrian Porfir, Manager, South-East Europe, Joris Ide, Christian von Albrichsfeld, CEO, Continental Automotive, Dragoş Pavăl, Owner, Dedeman, Daniel Bach, CEO, Holcim Romania, Annita Pakioufaki, Managing Director, Stanton Chase International, Florin Pogonaru, President, Businessmen Association of Romania.

CEOs in Romania seem to have regained trust in their companies’ growth perspectives, both on short and medium term. 42% of the respondents declared to be very confident in their company’s growth during the next year and 60% of CEOs share this opinion when it comes to growth perspectives for the next three years. However, these expectations seem quite disconnected from the global growth perspectives, as opinions on the general economic situation are rather reserved. 47% of our respondents anticipate that the economy will stagnate this year, and 38% are even talking about a decline of the economic conjunction (compared to the global average of 28%).

Most CEOs will be focusing on opportunities for organic growth in the internal market (33%) and on developing new products and services (29%), whereas only 5% of respondents are considering new external markets. On the other hand, 15% of respondents consider that the expansion of their operations in existent external markets is the best option for growth.

This is the third consecutive year when PwC Romania launches a separate edition based on the answers of an increasing number of local CEOs who joined our initiative. We gathered valuable insight on their views and on their strategy when it comes to tackling opportunities for growth, or to dealing with challenges of local and global economies. This year’s edition of the Global CEO Survey was released earlier this year within the World Economic Forum at Davos and it presents the perspective of more than 1330 CEOs worldwide on the current economic situation and their take on building a stronger foundation for future growth.