Energy, Utilities & Mining

Romania 's Accession to EU in 2007 brought significant changes in the Energy, Utilities and Mining industry, already significantly transformed by the utilities and petroleum privatizations. The Romanian legislative landscape is changing too, at a rapid pace. To maintain the competitive edge in today's business world, companies need to make sure that their strategy will deliver the desired results – a reduction of costs, increased market share – and that the implementation of the strategy in the local market maximises the value of the investment.

How PwC can help you?

PwC's highly regarded Energy, Utilities and Mining practice is the sum of our valuable people - the knowledge of the industry that they possess, the way they work together globally to deliver the best to our clients and the genuine enthusiasm and creativity that they bring to serving the industry leaders.

Our role is to effectively and safely guide our clients through the Romanian regulatory environment and help them resolve their specific issues. PwC's team of experts is equipped with the knowledge to provide both investors and companies they invest in with innovative solutions, to cushion them against the potential risks in this developing industry, but mainly to provide them practical solutions to fit specific requirements and ensure future business growth. We are a highly experienced group of professionals, dedicated to serving the Energy, Utilities and Mining industry.