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Upskill yourself.

Use the opportunity to grow.

PwC culture is all about our people. Through the recruitment process we want to meet you as a person and get the picture of your skills, experience and motivation. 

To enhance the graduate candidates experience, we have exchanged traditional online tests with modern & user-friendly game-based assessment.

Once your application is accepted by a recruiter, you will get an email invitation to a quick and enjoyable set of games. You will be asked to undertake a series of short challenges, which are designed to measure several different skills and abilities in an interactive and stimulating way. Those should take you no more than 15 minutes.

And now the best part: right after the assessment, you will receive an insight report with feedback on your performance via email. 

Please note that this will not be a final assessment nor recruitment result. These will be provided by a recruiter who will get in touch with you after the assessment. Together with the information about potential next steps in the recruitment process that may consist of the English test, virtual video interview, group assessment center and/or meeting with the Hiring Manager, either face to face or virtual.

Details of current digital recruitment process vary from country to country, but usually focus on the following stages:

5 reasons to join us

Working with us will give you the opportunity to collaborate with some of the smartest, most diverse and most insightful people on the market. Our company is the perfect place to expand your network, meet new friends and learn. PwC provides the foundation for employees to become business-area experts, through opportunities to develop professional skills and enhance leadership performance.

As a professional services organization, the key to our success is the high standard of our people. The development of your knowledge, skills, confidence and experience is fundamental. PwC invests in training and educational programs as we are committed to developing high-performing professionals. So, the work at PwC is often challenging but be sure that your development at PwC never stops!

Would you like to work with a wide range of industries and clients from around the world? Our dedication, integrity and expertise make 85% of Fortune 500 companies trust PwC. Be a part of our team and assist our clients in changing the world!

At PwC we're fueled by the collaboration of unique people and skills. Cooperating with diverse teams from different departments significantly broadens our mindset and professional expertise. PwC believes in the power of teamwork in the workplace. Our new hires are our future, as a new hire with us your team will be on hand to help you throughout your career journey.

We want PwC to be more than just a workplace. We believe that creating a friendly and supportive work environment helps people to achieve their full potential. Change your perspective and join our team to work in a positive atmosphere supported by respect and mutual encouragement!

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