Our Culture

If you were to ask ten people at PwC what initially brought them to the firm, you might get ten different answers.
If you ask them what makes them stay, you tend to get one answer: the people.
The people here are what differentiate us in the marketplace, help our clients succeed, and, most importantly, make PwC a great place to work.
Learn their names. See their faces. Read their stories. They will tell you what life here is like.
Our culture is all about our people. The development of our people is key and though we are all driven by different aspirations, we share the same commitment to quality. This means that all the work we do is carried out to standards beyond best practice in an energetic environment where success thrives. The expert guidance, strategy and advice we offer our clients is all down to the people who work here. Find out more about our culture:
Working together
One of the advantages of joining a large firm like PwC, is that you usually join with a number of other graduates. So, not only do you build very strong networks and make lasting friendships, but you are one part of a wider group going through the same experiences, all contributing to the growth and success of your career and the firm as a whole.
Teamwork is very important in every piece of work we do, because we draw on everyone's knowledge and skills to ensure that all the work we deliver is of the highest quality. This means you'll work with some truly inspiring people, learn from them and, in turn, share your own insights.
Working hard
People at PwC work to the best of their ability and we aim to lead any market we work within. We always approach work professionally and deliver the highest possible quality of service to our clients. Some might say we are our own worst critics, as we are always seeking ways to improve.
All our people are ambitious and want to develop their careers and move forward. This means that we're always looking for new challenges and are ready to put in the extra effort. Put simply, this means that we work hard but we are always rewarded for our efforts.
Working flexibly
Any client-driven organisation demands flexibility from its people. Sometimes you could be doing a lot of travelling to visit clients or spending longer than anticipated on a project to get things done. Things might not always go exactly to plan, so to compensate for this we believe that flexibility is a two-way thing. PwC makes every effort to support its people through flexible working, to suit their lifestyle.
Working to value our people
We go out of our way to give them the respect and recognition they deserve - which means offering stimulating work, investing in continuous professional development, ongoing coaching and constructive feedback, and by maintaining fair, transparent promotion processes.
Working in the community
By contributing to the environment and the communities we work in, we hope to make a positive impact wherever our activities are felt, be that in the marketplace or in the wider community and environment.