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Do your homework. Our website features more details about the career tracks themselves, as well as lots of information about the activities of our different business areas. Before you apply, it’s also worth talking to friends, family, teachers and careers advisers to get guidance on your career choice. Consider what we look for. Your intellect alone though isn’t enough. To stand out from other potential recruits, you’ll also need to show us evidence you have the competencies that are critical to our success as a firm. These skills include the ability to:

  • communicate clearly, listen effectively and influence others
  • take advantage of new learning opportunities, share learning and be creative in your thinking
  • understand and show an interest in client service and delivery work successfully in teams and demonstrate leadership potential
  • build and sustain relationships through rich internal and external networks
  • deal with changing priorities/ workloads with a positive attitude
  • maintain professionalism and strive for high ethical standards at all times
  • reflect on personal performances and recognise development needs.

We’ll look for evidence that you’re determined, good at solving problems and have a strong interest in the commercial world. Once you’ve considered the areas above and submitted a good application we’ll invite you to our Assessment Centre. Assessment Centres include three main activities – we’ll test your numerical and verbal skills, carry out two interviews and ask you to take part in a group discussion or individual assessment exercise. The Assessment Centre also includes a Personality Questionnaire and a written English test. Download our Interview Tips and Recruitment Process leaflets below to get more detail. We hope to meet you soon!

Interview Tips                                       Recruitment Process


Experienced Professionals Application Process

Taking time to read our advice on our recruitment process will help you perform to the best of your ability.

In preparation for the recruitment process we would encourage you to:

  • Think about the criteria that we will be using to assess you, detailed below
  • Tailor your CV to PwC. Review our guidelines for writing and submitting your CV to PwC
  • Read our interview advice and think about how to best present your skills and experience at an interview.

Each of the topics discussed at your interview/s will relate to one of our Global Core Competencies (GCCs). These reflect the firm's priorities in terms of how we work in order to meet the needs of our clients. Our recruitment assessments are designed to establish candidates' suitability for not only the role for which they have applied but, also, the firm as a whole. We want to offer candidates not simply jobs but satisfying careers.


When reading through the notes below, consider your personal experience in each of these areas. Ideally, in your interview you should provide recent and relevant examples which will give the interviewer an insight into your particular abilities and/or achievements in each area.

Demonstrate courage and integrity

  • Honesty and integrity are core to our business and therefore we look for these values in our employees.
  • We will be looking for evidence of when you have had to adhere to standards or procedures. And, if standards or procedures have been compromised, we would like to hear how you handled this.
  • We will be asking you about a time when you have challenged a colleague or addressed a problem at work.

Acquire and apply commercial and technical expertise

  • At PwC we value our partners' and staff's ability to develop and apply a high level of technical/professional skills and knowledge. We also encourage all to stay current with business and industry trends.
  • Additional guidance regarding the specific commercial and technical expertise required for each role can be found in each vacancy's job descriptions.

Manage projects and economics

  • Delivering work to high quality standards is essential to PwC. We will be asking you to tell us about how you have managed your workload.
  • We would like to hear about the resources you use, e.g. managing your time, making use of research tools, acquiring and applying other people's input, controlling budgets.
  • Think about examples of how you have planned to work on particular projects; what you have done to meet deadlines and how you have managed difficulties or barriers in the process.
  • We will be assessing how you have worked with conflicting priorities on different projects - how did you manage your time? How did you work out the conflicts?

Be open minded, agile with change and practical

  • Business and client needs often shift. We need to keep up with these changes to requirements, direction or focus, whilst maintaining our high standards and delivering quality work.
  • We will ask you about when you have had to deal with changing priorities/workloads and how you dealt with this.
  • Think about examples of how you have adapted your approach to new or changing requirements, processes or environments.

Develop self and others through coaching

  • We place a strong emphasis on personal development for all of our people.
  • We would like to hear how you have reflected on your past performances, identified your personal strengths as well as areas where you have room to improve.
  • We would also like to hear about how you have contributed to others' development, for example by providing them with honest, fair and constructive feedback or helping them to build development plans.

Communicate with impact and empathy

  • Being able to communicate clearly and articulately is a vital skill for all our people. So too are listening and influencing skills.
  • We will be assessing your ability to express yourself fluently and persuasively; to respond in a considered way to questions asked.
  • We will be asking you about how you adapt your communication style to suit different audiences; when have you done this and what was the outcome?

Be curious: learn, share and innovate

  • At PwC, we value people who are able to take advantage of learning opportunities and share learning with their colleagues. We encourage staff to use new information in novel ways, to think creatively about how we can improve the way we work.
  • We will be looking for you to provide evidence of where you've demonstrated these skills in the past.

Lead and contribute to team success

  • Teamwork and collaboration are prioritised at PwC. Our success is often driven by the ability of our people to work together, to share their knowledge and experience, to offer high quality/innovative solutions to our clients.
  • We will be looking for evidence of where you have worked in teams and contributed to your team's success.
  • Consider how you have worked in different teams, how you have adapted your approach or style in different environments, with different people. Clarify how your contribution added to the focus and success of various teams.
  • We may also ask you about occasions when you have lead a team or project and how you motivated the team.

Be passionate about client service

  • PwC is passionate about providing our clients with exceptional services that contribute to their business success.
  • We will be assessing your understanding of the services we provide and how we help to deliver business success for our clients.
  • Prepare to discuss your knowledge of specific PwC clients, their businesses and operating environments (past and present). Based on these factors, consider what the future may hold for them and what PwC could contribute to their success.

Build and sustain relationships

  • Building relationships through rich internal and external networks is essential for proposing effective solutions for our clients. We will be asking you to tell us about how you build and maintain your existing relationships at work or other activities you are currently involved with.
  • We will be assessing you on how you've utilised your professional contacts to achieve a commercial objective, and how you went about doing this.