Balancing the act - Treading cautiously on changing grounds

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Key findings for Romania from the 15th Annual Global CEO Survey

The employees, clients and improving organizational efficiency are the main themes on the personal agenda of the Romanian CEOs, according to the results of this year’s edition of the PwC Global CEO Survey for Romania, launched in a special event that enjoyed the participation of the Labour Minister, Mariana Câmpeanu, as well as several Romanian CEOs, including Sorin Mândruţescu, CEO Oracle Romania and President of AmCham Romania, Robert Arsene, CEO Agricover, Dan Şucu, CEO Mobexpert, and Henrik Nenzen, General Manager, Ford Romania.

The report shows that local CEOs are cautious about the evolution of the economy, with 42% anticipating a stagnation of the global economy, while 32% anticipate a turn for the worse of the economic climate. However, they are more optimistic about the growth perspectives of their companies, with 34% stating that they are very confident in their company’s capacity for revenue growth, while 52% declare that they are somewhat optimistic. Yet, compared with last year’s results, there is a slight decrease in optimism about the perspectives for growth of the companies. At the 2011 edition of the Romania CEO Survey, 43% of the local CEOs declared themselves very confident in their companies’ ability to generate revenue growth.

The 15th edition of the Global CEO Survey was released earlier this year, within the World Economic Forum at Davos. The report analyzes the views and forecasts of more than 1250 CEOs from around the world, making it one of the most important instruments for testing the future trends of the global economy. This year is the second time that PwC Romania launches a separate edition based on the answers of local CEOs, thus providing local business leaders with the opportunity to share their vision, priorities and concerns regarding the evolution of the local and global economy.